8 tips on how to date a transgender woman

Before dating a transgender woman, you should know that transgender women are women firstly. The same as dating other women, here are some DOs and DON’Ts in trans dating.
1. It’s rue to use “tranny
Never use “tranny” when communicate with transgender people, it is a derogatory word. As far as I know, it is often used in porn, transgender woman are treated as objects in this way. respect is the first step of every relationship, so if you want to date trans women and have a love relationship with them, please respect them firstly.
2. Don’t ask them questions about transgender
I knew from transgender people that many cisgender people like to ask them questions about transgender in trans dating. I want to mention that it’s also rude to ask transgender people some questions about transgender. If you are interested in transgender, and want to know more about transgender people, you can search on Google before dating.
3. Don’t treat trans woman as a fetish
Many cisgender men only want to date trans women for fun, and move to bed straightly. Trans women are not trading items, they are real women. If you lust look transgender women as your fetish, you’d better stop doing so, because no one wants to date with you. Trans dating is pure and healthy.
4. Don’t hide your trans relationship
It is a common problem that many cisgender people don’t want to stay with their trans partners in public places. they just hide their trans relationship in the dark, and never introduce their trans girl friend or boy friend to their families and friends. Once you start to date a trans girl, please don’t keep her as a secret.
5. Forget stereotype
When talking about transgender people, most people may have stereotype on them, especially when they didn’t know about transgender people before. Some stereotypes are negative for you to understand transgender people. Not all transgender people are abnormal and strange, not all trans women are love cheaters.
6. Don’t talk about sex on the first date
It’s rude to talk about sex when you first meet your date, no matter she is a trans girl or not. Not all transgender women are comfortale with topics on sex and their bodies. Be gentle and polite when dating a trans woman.
7. Accept her as a trans woman
If you want to have a lone-term relationship with a trans woman, you need to accept her at first. Support her decisions, and always ready to live with a trans woman.
8. Talk about everything before dating
It means both you and your partner need to have a better understanding on each other, an it never means you can ask the trans girl some sensitive questions about trans. Great communication plays an important role in dating. Before dating a trans woman, you should clear that whether you can really accept trans women, and what are you dating for? For fun, for hookup, or for a long-term relationship. I hope everyone is serious in trans dating.