Five ways to start a transgender dating profile in 2019

Have you ever heard of “Transgender dating Sunday”? It falls on the first Sunday of every New Year, see the sign ups and users to participate in any other 24 hours, making it a transgender dating one of the most important days in the calendar, you can’t miss this year, so if you ignore your trans dating profiles a bit in the winter, do you have enough time to give it a change before the big day. Follow these tips to ensure a successful tranny date in 2019!

Use simple language and proper grammar

Review your profile on this trans dating sites and check for spelling and grammar mistakes. You don’t have to be Shakespeare, but a good speech gives a better impression than sloppiness and carelessness. Research shows that potential dates respond better to simple language because people naturally prefer words that are easier to remember and pronounce, so don’t try to impress them with overly complex sentences.

Keep optimistic

When reviewing your profile, make sure what you write is positive, and if not, rewrite it. Don’t talk badly about yourself or what you dislike about others, and don’t mention your ex. Try not to use negative language and try not to complain. People don’t like people who complain a lot. People will like you more if you have a positive attitude towards life.

Define your interests

Online daters respond well to people with similar interests, so it’s good for you to know what your interests are. For example, instead of saying you like “sports” and “reading,” make a list of your favorite sports and your five favorite books. In other words, you should describe your interests in as much detail as possible. This will make people more aware of your interests and increase your chances of finding a partner.

Change your photos

If you’ve been on the Internet for a while, your photos may be a bit dated. If you post a new photo, people who have seen it hundreds of times but haven’t contacted you will see you in a whole new light, and it will refresh your profile. Remember, the best photos are smiling, colorful, clear pictures of the head and shoulders. Photos should be taken of you alone, so that others can see you at a glance. Photos do not need to do too much retouching, the most natural photos can be.

Write about yourself

This may seem obvious, but many people are naturally humble, so it’s hard to sing your own praises. Writing about yourself, however, is crucial: studies show that successful online transgender dates spend 80 percent of their time writing about themselves and 20 percent describing what they are looking for. People are looking for details, so don’t be afraid to give them.


Why do men dream about transgender girlfriends?

In Asia, people call them Kathoey, but foreigners call them transgender. In Europe and the United States, they are often referred to as transgender women. Often, they are also referred to as “shemale” by more vulgar people, but this is usually used by people who don’t know them at all, and their little knowledge is basically derived from pornography. However, let’s throw out all the jargon and their interpretation to answer the question of not only the women and men who are genetically attracted to them, but also transgender women, including transgender women. What makes transgender women so special and so popular with men? What do men find attractive about them?

Love is a very strong feeling that sometimes leads people to take risks. For some reason, many men find something special in their trans dating relationships with transgender women, and they are prepared to deal with social criticism. Fortunately, attitudes toward transgender women are slowly changing for the better, but much of the change is still for the future. So why are men willing to ignore social opposition and relate their lives to transgender people?

It’s too special to avoid

Obviously, they have something special and unique that men can’t resist. During the long and subtle transition, most transgender people have a special feeling of being the perfect woman. They try to express the inner woman, which is why they look so beautiful, so irresistible, so attractive. Maybe this is why so many men are pursuing commitment to themselves despite all kinds of obstacles.

In essence, people tend to give special value to things that are rare. Obviously, transgender people are in the minority, they have a unique ability to understand the soul of a man, as tender and sensitive as a woman. Many of them experience difficulties at a young age, and once transgender women get rid of the restrictions imposed on them, they don’t want to lose the moment of living as a real woman. Of course, it changes their attitude towards life and challenges, so they tend to be positive and happy, making them more attractive. Perhaps that’s why transgender women are so popular with men. Of course, they’ll never let you down!

How do you know transgender women?

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Looking for Transgender Women in Manila

First, if you’re looking for the best place to meet a transgender woman or shemale, make sure you go to Manila. The last time we looked at Cebu, we saw a lot of transgender people. However, there is no doubt that Manila has the most transgender girls and shemale in the country. You’ll see them in bars, nightclubs, and even just walking around the city. You can also create your own profile on a professional trans dating and shemale dating site like Transdr, this ts dating and shemale dating site that includes transgender girls and shemale from Manila as well as the Philippines, Thailand and other neighboring Asian countries.

Let’s start with the transgender bar

First, it’s important to know: unlike cockatoos and Pattaya’s cat club in Bangkok, Thailand, there are no bars for transgender people in the Philippines. This is likely to change in the near future as more and more transgender women and shemale turn up in bars or just walk down the street each year. Anyway, guys, there’s nothing stopping you from going to the girls’ bar or the so-called bikini bar, where you can find one or two transgender women and shemale. Well, this option is ideal for those looking for some naughty adventures. In this way, you can have a lot of fun visiting high heels on P Burgos street or coffee shop in Elmirta, for example, buy some ladies drinks.

Life at a Manila nightclub

This may be a bit disappointing, as Manila has the largest number of nightclubs in the city, but none of them can accommodate Filipino transgender women. In this case, however, the best bet is likely to be to recommend Exklusiv from malate, where girls usually come to work late at night (around 1 am).

Go to a coffee shop

In the previous guide, we have mentioned that Cebu’s shopping center is a place for transgender women. Like Cebu, you can find shopping in Manila and some beautiful girls there. If men want to meet Asian transgender women, they usually go to bars or nightclubs. In any case, you might be surprised to find that a cup of coffee at Starbucks may also be a successful way to meet transgender people and have a shemale dating. They are usually visible in the patio outside Starbucks, Cafe Havana and greenbelt 3, just as they are in the Mall of Asia and nearby restaurants. However, sometimes it is best to stay away from popular tourist attractions and explore new places, such as Harrison square in Malate.

Find your transgender date online

Visit a transgender dating and shemale dating site to expand your search because there are hundreds of transgender singles and shemale singles waiting for your information! Not everyone goes to nightclubs to have fun. Many men want to find a transgender or shemale girlfriend and make a serious commitment to her. That’s why Transdr is your best and easiest choice for finding a partner.


Transgender dating Advice: The Three Things You Must Never Do

There are many reasons why trans dating fails, and if you can’t find out why you failed, then you may have a long way to go in your search for a trans partner. Because you can’t just ask your transgender date what you’re doing wrong and why she’s not interested in you. So here’s where you’re going to find out what you did on a trans date that made her decide not to contact you anymore.

Be a good person and avoid her eyes

Being a “good man” is not an effective way to pursue a transgender woman. Now, don’t get me wrong, good guys can usually take care of trans women first, but if you want to be too good, or if you want to be someone you can’t be, you can never be. A man who tries to be a good man is one who is not confident enough to be himself. “Just be a good person and she’ll like you” is one of the worst trans dating tips I can think of. Being a good person means changing your current habits, life and even your personality. Even if you make a change for a transgender woman, does she like the real you or the “nice guy” you? The best you can do is to pretend to be a good person, a person’s nature is not changed, over time, maybe she likes you pretend to be a good person will disappear. So in the end you’re still working for nothing. On the other hand, when you try to act in a certain way, your behavior is inconsistent with your inner feelings and your true self. Transgender women see through this and have never seen this man in a positive light.

Kiss her at the end of your first trans date

Kissing her at the end of a trans date is okay, but asking her at the end of a first trans date is not recommended. If you expect to end your first trans date by kissing your trans woman, you’re wrong. Transgender women hate feeling pressured to date men. They hate stress and embarrassment. These two feelings strangle sexual tension, strangle special moments. Don’t wait until the end to give her that famous kiss at the end of the night.

At least three trans dates and intimacy with her

Many people think you have to wait for a certain number of transgender women to have an intimate relationship with someone. I often hear the phrase, “wait until you have three transgender dates before you have an intimate relationship.” Sometimes I hear about five transgender dates, a month, even months, even getting married! Now, put aside any religious rhetoric or ideological beliefs; It is simply foolish to think that one should wait until marriage to have sex with another!


Men confused about the attraction of transgender women

While most people currently accept the existence of gay and straight men, and bisexuality occupies a wide middle ground between the two labels, the original binary system falls apart when it comes to discussing transgender groups and transgender people. Generations of Americans who have grown up under the guise of crossdressing prostitutes find themselves incapable of dealing with the reality of non-binary gender identity and the more volatile human sexual desires.

The news has reported that a few celebrities have a special hobby, like to find transgender workers to perform oral sex for them. They also like to meet crossdressers on trans dating apps. An example provided by ms cox, a transgender woman who has been repeatedly assaulted by straight men on the street, is always in real danger whenever one of the men realizes she is a transgender woman. Because men who until that moment had to prove to others (and perhaps themselves) that they were not gay. This can lead to verbal and even physical abuse of women who, simply because of their own presence, attribute themselves to aggression against heterosexuality and masculinity.

As LGBT human rights have expanded and become widely accepted, so has the acceptance of transgender women, even though they still face shocking and unacceptable discrimination, abuse and even violence. For that day to come sooner, gay and lesbian people and transgender activists work together, regardless of your gender or sexual orientation, to love the person you love safely and freely without fear of blame or violence.

In a recent article in Salon magazine, “I like transgender women,” a man who claims to be heterosexual revealed that he found himself partial to transgender women while living in Thailand. He also discussed how to respond to the expected crisis of sexual identity, even though that crisis seems to be accompanied by heterosexuality. He met a girl there, and fell in love with her, and now he’s not ashamed of the partner he chose. He said: “men who are attracted to trans women have a difficult experience even as hard as anything that trans women go through during their transition.” That’s why it’s so important that men attracted to transgender women start coming out. He said he was proud to be attracted to such strong women.

There’s no reason to feel embarrassed if you feel you are conflicted about your attraction to transgender women. If you’re ashamed of the woman you’re attracted to, it means just using transgender women as sexual tools rather than as a life partner. Imagine a woman who went to hell and came back and tried to turn into a real her, but her partner told her he felt ashamed to be with her or to see her. Please put yourself in the position that every transgender woman deserves to be loved and respected. As long as you work together for this relationship, you will get the support of everyone one day.


8 tips on how to date a transgender woman

Before dating a transgender woman, you should know that transgender women are women firstly. The same as dating other women, here are some DOs and DON’Ts in trans dating.
1. It’s rue to use “tranny
Never use “tranny” when communicate with transgender people, it is a derogatory word. As far as I know, it is often used in porn, transgender woman are treated as objects in this way. respect is the first step of every relationship, so if you want to date trans women and have a love relationship with them, please respect them firstly.
2. Don’t ask them questions about transgender
I knew from transgender people that many cisgender people like to ask them questions about transgender in trans dating. I want to mention that it’s also rude to ask transgender people some questions about transgender. If you are interested in transgender, and want to know more about transgender people, you can search on Google before dating.
3. Don’t treat trans woman as a fetish
Many cisgender men only want to date trans women for fun, and move to bed straightly. Trans women are not trading items, they are real women. If you lust look transgender women as your fetish, you’d better stop doing so, because no one wants to date with you. Trans dating is pure and healthy.
4. Don’t hide your trans relationship
It is a common problem that many cisgender people don’t want to stay with their trans partners in public places. they just hide their trans relationship in the dark, and never introduce their trans girl friend or boy friend to their families and friends. Once you start to date a trans girl, please don’t keep her as a secret.
5. Forget stereotype
When talking about transgender people, most people may have stereotype on them, especially when they didn’t know about transgender people before. Some stereotypes are negative for you to understand transgender people. Not all transgender people are abnormal and strange, not all trans women are love cheaters.
6. Don’t talk about sex on the first date
It’s rude to talk about sex when you first meet your date, no matter she is a trans girl or not. Not all transgender women are comfortale with topics on sex and their bodies. Be gentle and polite when dating a trans woman.
7. Accept her as a trans woman
If you want to have a lone-term relationship with a trans woman, you need to accept her at first. Support her decisions, and always ready to live with a trans woman.
8. Talk about everything before dating
It means both you and your partner need to have a better understanding on each other, an it never means you can ask the trans girl some sensitive questions about trans. Great communication plays an important role in dating. Before dating a trans woman, you should clear that whether you can really accept trans women, and what are you dating for? For fun, for hookup, or for a long-term relationship. I hope everyone is serious in trans dating.


Things not to do when you are dating a transgender woman

Dating a transgender woman has its own usual meaning. If you are passionate about transgender dating and you really want to date a transgender woman, than its mandatory for you to know what transgender’s is and how you can please your transgender woman while dating with her. However, there are many articles that tell us what to do on your first transgender dating and how you can impress your transgender woman but there are rarely any article that tells you what not to do when you are dating a transgender woman. However, this is more important to know what not to do in your transgender date because if you don’t know about these things, you may hurt your transgender date and this will also ruin your date and you may also lose your trans dating partner for life time.

So, it’s better to understand first what exactly a transgender woman is and what things make them sad or embarrass in front of you or publically. If you know these few things about transgender woman, than surely you will get the best treatment by a transgender woman and your transgender date will considered to be a one of the best transgender date.

Here are few things that you should not do while dating a transgender woman –

Never call her a Ladyboy or Shemale in front of your friends, family or in public areas – transgender woman are more sensitive when you are taking advantage about her gender identity. It is advised not to include her gender identity or not asking any question about her gender choice especially when you are dating a transgender woman. Calling her a Ladyboy or Shemale in front of your friends and family members is not at all accepted and you must not do this. Each and every human owns some sort of self respect and so as transgender woman. Using terms like – Shemale or Ladyboy is insulting terms and is only used in porn movies. The main motive behind using these terms are only to entertain other people and not for enjoying a relationship between a transgender woman and a cis man. It is better to avoid such terms and if you really want to introduce her to your family, friends or relatives, its best to call her your friend or you can also use the word ‘Trans’ rather than using Shemale or a Ladyboy.

Never ask what transgender, transgender and cross dresser is – Asking questions on your first date is quite good but you must know your limits and the sensitiveness of the questions to be asked. When you are raising questions about her gender identity and start asking the difference between transgender, transgender or cross dresser than definitely it’s not your date night and you are here to learn lessons about transgender, transgender or cross dresser identity and off-course she is not here to teach you. Go and browse the web to know the answer of your questions.


The Difference between Cross-dresser and Transgender

Some people can be confused about whether they are a crossdresser or if they are transgender, the difference between someone who is a crossdresser and someone who is transgender is that the crossdresser does not have physical discomfort with their body but rather a crossdresser dresses because they get a rush or a sense of fun from it. Crossdressers do not experience being a man as painful or have dysphoria in their body. Cross dressers enjoy dressing women because they find it sometimes arousing, they have a female energy which comes out in a specific character, they do not have a pressing need live this alter ego at all times.

For the person who is transgender, they typically dress in women’s clothing and have a sense of relief, because living as a man arouses dysphoria, dressing on occasion is also just not enough, they feel themselves to be female and want to be themselves in public full time as a woman, because they are a woman. The person who is transgender differs from the crossdresser because they feel that they are in the wrong body.

To figure this out, I want to ask some questions, how do you feel about your body and about your gender? Crossdressers generally do not want to change their body or gender, whereas transgender people do. Next, does the amount of time you dress as a woman constantly increase? If you come to a point where cross-dressing is not just enough, then you are transgender. I want to add a quick way to differentiate between the terms used to describe transgender person and a crossdresser, because it might add clarity as well, trans means a cross or to the other side in Latin, a crossdresser has also been called transvestite. If you hear the word invest it, that is an article of clothing, the site happens to mean clothing in Latin. Therefore a transvestite means across clothing, whereas transgender obviously means across genders, so think about yourself or your action driven by your feelings about your gender or the feelings which arises from wearing the clothing itself.

I want to point out that there are loved ones who may pressure you to identify as a crossdresser rather than as transgender, because they don’t want you to change, but you cannot live your life for someone else. Don’t live for others, but only for yourself.

No matter you are crossdresser or transgender, life can be wonderful for you once you can really accept yourself and be confident to be yourself. As far as I know, trans dating is one of the best ways for transgender people and crossdressers to make new friends and meet people with the same interests. There are many way of dating, traditional dating ways like go out to meet someone, and fashion dating ways like online dating. Online dating is especially welcomed by transgender people and crossdressers in the recent years, because it can provide users with more opportunities to meet the same open-minded people, and share life experience with them.


Why Cisgender Men Refuse to Date Transgender Women

As much as transgender is being accepted by more and more, but there is still a problem that there are hardly many cisgender men would date them. The reasons for this situation vary. Today, we are talking about the major reasons for why cisgender men refuse to date transgender women.

When it comes to dating a transgender woman, if it is a cisgender man, people would assume he is a gay because of transgender women were men before. Some radicals even think that transgender women are always men for their whole life and will never be women. They believe the past is who you are now. For an instance, if you are dating a girl who was a kid before, does that mean she is also a kid now? Besides, transgender women are always transgender women no matter it’s the past or present.

Even many people in the LGBTQ community call those who date transgenders as gay and think they are deep day. For people who are genuinely attracted to transgenders, they would even question the feminine of the transgender after they find out who they are. All of this is due to the misunderstand of the public towards transgenders. Sometimes even worse, it will cause fetishizing, dehumanizing and even violence.
People think that the gender identity of transgender is not authentic or repulsive.

Actually, most men who are attracted to transgender women is for their femininity and personalities, but also are worried about it, because they might not be real. The fact that transgender women have a penis in their past life bothers cisgender men very much or should I say it bothers them because they are afraid to be misunderstood as gay. But the real fact is most transgender women have had their surgery done or are about to. This is like a small tumor, which will eventually be removed.

The second reason for cisgender men do not want to date transgender women is that they are afraid of the unfamiliar genitals. They are not used to the genitals of a transgender. Most people do not like change or difference. That is normal. But that is really just women’s genitals. That idea is just a stubborn paranoia, which I think will be easily get over soon.

The third reason for men refusing to date a transgender woman is that they are afraid to be seen in public with them. They are afraid to been seen through and figure out that the woman besides them is a transgender. They think that people may be disgusted by them for dating a transgender or think they are gay, which is totally transphobia and paranoia.

Crossdressing Tips

How to Walk in High Heels?

For most crossdressers, high heels must have been the most difficult thing during their crossdress journey. But walking in high heels is a goal for so many dressers. Heels make us feel very feminine. It’s one of those things where there is no masculine equivalent to. Besides, usually things that are uniquely feminine tend to make many crossdressers feel more embracing of the femininity. It is also a big part of why stockings and nylons are so popular with crossdressers. It applies to heels as well. Today, we are talking about how to walk in high heels.

1. Just be normal about it
You don’t have to be weird with your steps to maintain your balance, because how do you usually step, it is exactly same in heels. People get thrown off because you are on your tiptoes and when you think how should I walk when I’m on my tiptoes, obviously your toe lands first. Don’t try and lead with the toe, or you will end up with a very stiff and awkward walk. Maybe that is the first factor that throws some crossdressers off. The key is to remember heel toes, heel toes, heel toes! First heel, then toes.

2. Keep your feet facing forward
As a newbie, you’d better start with those heels which are not so high and fine, and have a larger surface area. Start with some short and forgiving heels. When you step, you need to see how does your foot land when you step. It is facing forward or is it cocked to the side? If your feet tend to land outward as opposed to both facing forward, you need to correct that. A straight feet enables you to have a better posture walking. Remember to keep your toes pointing forward, not letting them cock out to the side, even if that’s your normal walk. That’s the key to an elegant high heels walking. After you done practicing the short heels, you can turn to those higher, thinner , and more importantly sexier heels.

3. Try to walk a straight line
The other thing you may have not noticed and we suggest do not go excessively out of your way to try it, but walk towards it, is that try to walk a straight line. There’s people who put too much focus on this in their head, but end up with awkwardness and dissonance. Stepping around and in front. Do not just make your legs move forward, but walk one foot in front of the other. Just keep this in mind but do not overdo it. Try to walk as straight as you feel comfortable doing. But if it helps you keep your balance on your steps, it is ok to go a little bit further. When you get used to it, you will notice that you actually walk smoother and faster when you walk a straight line.