How to Walk in High Heels?

For most crossdressers, high heels must have been the most difficult thing during their crossdress journey. But walking in high heels is a goal for so many dressers. Heels make us feel very feminine. It’s one of those things where there is no masculine equivalent to. Besides, usually things that are uniquely feminine tend to make many crossdressers feel more embracing of the femininity. It is also a big part of why stockings and nylons are so popular with crossdressers. It applies to heels as well. Today, we are talking about how to walk in high heels.

1. Just be normal about it
You don’t have to be weird with your steps to maintain your balance, because how do you usually step, it is exactly same in heels. People get thrown off because you are on your tiptoes and when you think how should I walk when I’m on my tiptoes, obviously your toe lands first. Don’t try and lead with the toe, or you will end up with a very stiff and awkward walk. Maybe that is the first factor that throws some crossdressers off. The key is to remember heel toes, heel toes, heel toes! First heel, then toes.

2. Keep your feet facing forward
As a newbie, you’d better start with those heels which are not so high and fine, and have a larger surface area. Start with some short and forgiving heels. When you step, you need to see how does your foot land when you step. It is facing forward or is it cocked to the side? If your feet tend to land outward as opposed to both facing forward, you need to correct that. A straight feet enables you to have a better posture walking. Remember to keep your toes pointing forward, not letting them cock out to the side, even if that’s your normal walk. That’s the key to an elegant high heels walking. After you done practicing the short heels, you can turn to those higher, thinner , and more importantly sexier heels.

3. Try to walk a straight line
The other thing you may have not noticed and we suggest do not go excessively out of your way to try it, but walk towards it, is that try to walk a straight line. There’s people who put too much focus on this in their head, but end up with awkwardness and dissonance. Stepping around and in front. Do not just make your legs move forward, but walk one foot in front of the other. Just keep this in mind but do not overdo it. Try to walk as straight as you feel comfortable doing. But if it helps you keep your balance on your steps, it is ok to go a little bit further. When you get used to it, you will notice that you actually walk smoother and faster when you walk a straight line.