Men confused about the attraction of transgender women

While most people currently accept the existence of gay and straight men, and bisexuality occupies a wide middle ground between the two labels, the original binary system falls apart when it comes to discussing transgender groups and transgender people. Generations of Americans who have grown up under the guise of crossdressing prostitutes find themselves incapable of dealing with the reality of non-binary gender identity and the more volatile human sexual desires.

The news has reported that a few celebrities have a special hobby, like to find transgender workers to perform oral sex for them. They also like to meet crossdressers on trans dating apps. An example provided by ms cox, a transgender woman who has been repeatedly assaulted by straight men on the street, is always in real danger whenever one of the men realizes she is a transgender woman. Because men who until that moment had to prove to others (and perhaps themselves) that they were not gay. This can lead to verbal and even physical abuse of women who, simply because of their own presence, attribute themselves to aggression against heterosexuality and masculinity.

As LGBT human rights have expanded and become widely accepted, so has the acceptance of transgender women, even though they still face shocking and unacceptable discrimination, abuse and even violence. For that day to come sooner, gay and lesbian people and transgender activists work together, regardless of your gender or sexual orientation, to love the person you love safely and freely without fear of blame or violence.

In a recent article in Salon magazine, “I like transgender women,” a man who claims to be heterosexual revealed that he found himself partial to transgender women while living in Thailand. He also discussed how to respond to the expected crisis of sexual identity, even though that crisis seems to be accompanied by heterosexuality. He met a girl there, and fell in love with her, and now he’s not ashamed of the partner he chose. He said: “men who are attracted to trans women have a difficult experience even as hard as anything that trans women go through during their transition.” That’s why it’s so important that men attracted to transgender women start coming out. He said he was proud to be attracted to such strong women.

There’s no reason to feel embarrassed if you feel you are conflicted about your attraction to transgender women. If you’re ashamed of the woman you’re attracted to, it means just using transgender women as sexual tools rather than as a life partner. Imagine a woman who went to hell and came back and tried to turn into a real her, but her partner told her he felt ashamed to be with her or to see her. Please put yourself in the position that every transgender woman deserves to be loved and respected. As long as you work together for this relationship, you will get the support of everyone one day.

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