The Difference between Cross-dresser and Transgender

Some people can be confused about whether they are a crossdresser or if they are transgender, the difference between someone who is a crossdresser and someone who is transgender is that the crossdresser does not have physical discomfort with their body but rather a crossdresser dresses because they get a rush or a sense of fun from it. Crossdressers do not experience being a man as painful or have dysphoria in their body. Cross dressers enjoy dressing women because they find it sometimes arousing, they have a female energy which comes out in a specific character, they do not have a pressing need live this alter ego at all times.

For the person who is transgender, they typically dress in women’s clothing and have a sense of relief, because living as a man arouses dysphoria, dressing on occasion is also just not enough, they feel themselves to be female and want to be themselves in public full time as a woman, because they are a woman. The person who is transgender differs from the crossdresser because they feel that they are in the wrong body.

To figure this out, I want to ask some questions, how do you feel about your body and about your gender? Crossdressers generally do not want to change their body or gender, whereas transgender people do. Next, does the amount of time you dress as a woman constantly increase? If you come to a point where cross-dressing is not just enough, then you are transgender. I want to add a quick way to differentiate between the terms used to describe transgender person and a crossdresser, because it might add clarity as well, trans means a cross or to the other side in Latin, a crossdresser has also been called transvestite. If you hear the word invest it, that is an article of clothing, the site happens to mean clothing in Latin. Therefore a transvestite means across clothing, whereas transgender obviously means across genders, so think about yourself or your action driven by your feelings about your gender or the feelings which arises from wearing the clothing itself.

I want to point out that there are loved ones who may pressure you to identify as a crossdresser rather than as transgender, because they don’t want you to change, but you cannot live your life for someone else. Don’t live for others, but only for yourself.

No matter you are crossdresser or transgender, life can be wonderful for you once you can really accept yourself and be confident to be yourself. As far as I know, trans dating is one of the best ways for transgender people and crossdressers to make new friends and meet people with the same interests. There are many way of dating, traditional dating ways like go out to meet someone, and fashion dating ways like online dating. Online dating is especially welcomed by transgender people and crossdressers in the recent years, because it can provide users with more opportunities to meet the same open-minded people, and share life experience with them.