Transgender dating Advice: The Three Things You Must Never Do

There are many reasons why trans dating fails, and if you can’t find out why you failed, then you may have a long way to go in your search for a trans partner. Because you can’t just ask your transgender date what you’re doing wrong and why she’s not interested in you. So here’s where you’re going to find out what you did on a trans date that made her decide not to contact you anymore.

Be a good person and avoid her eyes

Being a “good man” is not an effective way to pursue a transgender woman. Now, don’t get me wrong, good guys can usually take care of trans women first, but if you want to be too good, or if you want to be someone you can’t be, you can never be. A man who tries to be a good man is one who is not confident enough to be himself. “Just be a good person and she’ll like you” is one of the worst trans dating tips I can think of. Being a good person means changing your current habits, life and even your personality. Even if you make a change for a transgender woman, does she like the real you or the “nice guy” you? The best you can do is to pretend to be a good person, a person’s nature is not changed, over time, maybe she likes you pretend to be a good person will disappear. So in the end you’re still working for nothing. On the other hand, when you try to act in a certain way, your behavior is inconsistent with your inner feelings and your true self. Transgender women see through this and have never seen this man in a positive light.

Kiss her at the end of your first trans date

Kissing her at the end of a trans date is okay, but asking her at the end of a first trans date is not recommended. If you expect to end your first trans date by kissing your trans woman, you’re wrong. Transgender women hate feeling pressured to date men. They hate stress and embarrassment. These two feelings strangle sexual tension, strangle special moments. Don’t wait until the end to give her that famous kiss at the end of the night.

At least three trans dates and intimacy with her

Many people think you have to wait for a certain number of transgender women to have an intimate relationship with someone. I often hear the phrase, “wait until you have three transgender dates before you have an intimate relationship.” Sometimes I hear about five transgender dates, a month, even months, even getting married! Now, put aside any religious rhetoric or ideological beliefs; It is simply foolish to think that one should wait until marriage to have sex with another!