Ways to Make Transgender Women Look More Feminine

With the development of medical technology, many people can completely change their gender through sex change surgery. Your gender can be chosen by yourself. But whether you change from a man to a woman or from a woman to a man, you still have some traces of the original gender. Take the MTF trans people as an example, they have large skeletons, rough skin, laryngeal knots, dense body hair and so on. These original characteristics have bothered lots of MTF trans people. If you are one of them and attempt to look more feminine to assist you to hunt for a ts dating partner on these kinky trans app or in real life, then you can refer to these following suggestions.

  1. Make your face more feminine

Of all the male characteristics, the most difficult to change is the big skeleton. It’s impossible for these MTF people to become a woman’s petite body. But you can make you look more feminine by changing your facial skeleton. One of the most effective ways is to have cosmetic surgery. Although this method has some side effects on the human body, it is a once-for-all method.

In addition to cosmetic surgery, there are natural, harmless ways to make your face less masculine. For example, remove excess facial hair, persist in using skin care products to make facial skin smoother and moist, and use the shadows to make your face look smaller and more feminine.

  1. Make your hand look more feminine

If the first thing that comes into people’s sight is the woman’s face, and then the second thing they notice is the hand. So it’s also a good way to make you look more feminine by beautifying your hands. Here are three basic ways. First of all, just like using skin care products to make your face moister, you should frequently use hand cream to make your hands more tender and white. It’s not hard to find that women’s hands are generally silky to touch. Secondly, get a manicure. Beautiful nails complement your hands. Just as most girls love shiny nails, they can catch people’s attention and make their hands more beautiful. Finally, you can also wear some decorations, such as bracelets and bangles. These things can make you more feminine and meet crossdressers easily.

  1. Wear feminine clothes and high heels

Choosing the right clothes for them is a daily necessity for women because beautiful clothes can enable them to be more charming and make them more confident. Therefore, you can try to wear some more feminine clothes to make you look less masculine, such as tight, sexy or loose, cute clothes. You can choose according to your body shape and mood. Besides, high heels are indispensable for a woman to have more temperament. They can make her figure more slender and slim.
If you can get rid of these male characteristics, you can gain more trans hookup chances on these transgender dating sites. Hope you can find your kinky dating partner and meet crossdressers successfully.