Why Cisgender Men Refuse to Date Transgender Women

As much as transgender is being accepted by more and more, but there is still a problem that there are hardly many cisgender men would date them. The reasons for this situation vary. Today, we are talking about the major reasons for why cisgender men refuse to date transgender women.

When it comes to dating a transgender woman, if it is a cisgender man, people would assume he is a gay because of transgender women were men before. Some radicals even think that transgender women are always men for their whole life and will never be women. They believe the past is who you are now. For an instance, if you are dating a girl who was a kid before, does that mean she is also a kid now? Besides, transgender women are always transgender women no matter it’s the past or present.

Even many people in the LGBTQ community call those who date transgenders as gay and think they are deep day. For people who are genuinely attracted to transgenders, they would even question the feminine of the transgender after they find out who they are. All of this is due to the misunderstand of the public towards transgenders. Sometimes even worse, it will cause fetishizing, dehumanizing and even violence.
People think that the gender identity of transgender is not authentic or repulsive.

Actually, most men who are attracted to transgender women is for their femininity and personalities, but also are worried about it, because they might not be real. The fact that transgender women have a penis in their past life bothers cisgender men very much or should I say it bothers them because they are afraid to be misunderstood as gay. But the real fact is most transgender women have had their surgery done or are about to. This is like a small tumor, which will eventually be removed.

The second reason for cisgender men do not want to date transgender women is that they are afraid of the unfamiliar genitals. They are not used to the genitals of a transgender. Most people do not like change or difference. That is normal. But that is really just women’s genitals. That idea is just a stubborn paranoia, which I think will be easily get over soon.

The third reason for men refusing to date a transgender woman is that they are afraid to be seen in public with them. They are afraid to been seen through and figure out that the woman besides them is a transgender. They think that people may be disgusted by them for dating a transgender or think they are gay, which is totally transphobia and paranoia.