Why do men dream about transgender girlfriends?

In Asia, people call them Kathoey, but foreigners call them transgender. In Europe and the United States, they are often referred to as transgender women. Often, they are also referred to as “shemale” by more vulgar people, but this is usually used by people who don’t know them at all, and their little knowledge is basically derived from pornography. However, let’s throw out all the jargon and their interpretation to answer the question of not only the women and men who are genetically attracted to them, but also transgender women, including transgender women. What makes transgender women so special and so popular with men? What do men find attractive about them?

Love is a very strong feeling that sometimes leads people to take risks. For some reason, many men find something special in their trans dating relationships with transgender women, and they are prepared to deal with social criticism. Fortunately, attitudes toward transgender women are slowly changing for the better, but much of the change is still for the future. So why are men willing to ignore social opposition and relate their lives to transgender people?

It’s too special to avoid

Obviously, they have something special and unique that men can’t resist. During the long and subtle transition, most transgender people have a special feeling of being the perfect woman. They try to express the inner woman, which is why they look so beautiful, so irresistible, so attractive. Maybe this is why so many men are pursuing commitment to themselves despite all kinds of obstacles.

In essence, people tend to give special value to things that are rare. Obviously, transgender people are in the minority, they have a unique ability to understand the soul of a man, as tender and sensitive as a woman. Many of them experience difficulties at a young age, and once transgender women get rid of the restrictions imposed on them, they don’t want to lose the moment of living as a real woman. Of course, it changes their attitude towards life and challenges, so they tend to be positive and happy, making them more attractive. Perhaps that’s why transgender women are so popular with men. Of course, they’ll never let you down!

How do you know transgender women?

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