How to Make Your Transgender Date Marry You


If you've been dating your transgender dating partner for a while and you're thinking, "I really can marry this man," and you're sure he's thinking the same thing, you just need to do one thing to get him to marry you. I recently wrote an article about why he didn't propose, but none of it explained what you could do. That is the purpose of tranny date.

  • If you are not married, don't pretend to be married.

This means that cohabitation should be the last "milestone" you want to deal with before your man wears a ring. So it's okay to have sex, to see your parents, to live together, to merge bank accounts. I now have a one-bedroom apartment where I live with my lgbt dating partner. He paid my rent, but in the final analysis, if things went wrong, I still owned the property.

One day, he asked me if I would be "calm" if he bought a house with me. In my mind, I think: Wow, he really takes us seriously. But the answer to his question was straightforward. Well, I'm not that mean, but I did say, "That sounds like a good idea, honey, but we should probably get married first." This is a considerable commitment."

  • Leverage

I have to use a little bit of chips I have now, or he will never propose. I said that we live in a one-bedroom apartment, and if we don't get married first, I won't even move to a bigger place with him. If he wants to move to a bigger place (maybe then we can start a family?) He needs to wear a ring. No ring? Well, we can stay in this one-bedroom apartment for a lifetime until we drive each other crazy.

  • The word "commitment"

I like to use the word "commitment" whenever he makes important decisions to change life. For example, I know he wants to leave the city to buy a house. Whenever he mentions this, I always say, "Yes, I'm committed, but it's a considerable commitment." That means I have a big commitment not to wear a ring. Why should I pull my life out without your promise? This should be a two-way street. This applies to any major commitment: sharing bank accounts, owning a house, owning a car, keeping pets together, having children, etc. Some things can be said to be more important commitments than marriage.

  • Husbands become husbands

If your man has the same long-term life plans as you, but not getting married interferes with those plans, he will propose. Men who want to be husbands will become husbands… If the alternative means they don't get white fences, big houses and golden hounds. If you give him all these things before he becomes your husband and he says, "We're married, what's the difference? "He's right. No difference.