Transgender In Modern Society

To survive and grow in the long run, we have to adapt to changes coming our way. Change is a virtue. Be it change in technology, work culture,opinions or any other. There was a time when stereotyping without a strong logic was prevalent in the societies. Those stereotypes could hamper lives of certain class or race of people. One of such problems being faced by the people and especially transgenders.

Transgenders are one of the global minorities. They are not crossdressers but those who are assigned different sex in their childhood. Talking about stereotypes, transgenders are often looked down by the society. They are discriminated at work place, a lot of times bullied and seen as an object of sexual importance by dominant ones in the society. The problem has raised to such an extent that instances of transgenders being forced into prostitution have come forward in various parts of the world. Their safety is compromised and so is their social status. Although in modern cities like New York, LA or London, there are clubs and social gathering places for trans hookups and LGBT dating, and there are exclusive ts hookup/ ftm dating/ ts date apps there are other parts of the world where transgenders are living in a backward and oppressed culture.

Trans dating is normally discouraged by the people. A number of myths are the reason behind that. One being transphobia. Yes that is a thing. People hesitate to interact with transsexuals or transgender, trans hookup being too far from that. Another weird fact is self doubt and myth that dating a trans woman makes them homosexual. This is not so. A trans woman is as (or maybe more) feminine as a cisgender woman. She knows how to please her partner and puts her best inputs to make relationship work.

Suicide is a common issue among them. According to a popular survey site, around 41% of transgenders at any age have attempted suicide. 78% of transgenders have also been subjected to harassment in school times.

Despite that a number of measures are being taken up by different countries in the world to provide legal protection to the transgender community. In The United States, department of defense has recently removed the ban that prohibited transgender people from serving in the army. Recognition of third gender and inclusion of third gender category on all the public forms or inquiries have been permitted by the Indian government, Germany and many other countries. Regardless of all the legal actions being taken, it is the society who has to take steps for betterment of transgender community. Acceptance is the first thing to be kept. Awareness must be made among people concerning transgender issues and struggles they are facing. They must be given equal opportunities in jobs and universities. A moral check must be kept on sexual harassment of trans women. Transdate should not be viewed as anti social or unacceptable by the society.